Engaging faith and science to sustain and enhance the life of Earth

Who are we?

The Interfaith Environmental Initiative of Alabama (IEIA) is a community-based network connecting leadership of faith, science, education, business, environment, energy and water provider, government and the arts sectors to learn together and encourage and inspire informed choices for care of creation. Our underlying principles are collaborative. Our focus is energy and water conservation and efficiency in Alabama.

IEIA’s three core values – education, collaboration, community action / stewardship of creation – are the foundation for our effectiveness.


From its beginnings in 2007, IEIA’s education focus has been a collaborative endeavor, convening a broad spectrum of leadership around energy and water conservation and efficiency. Our network’s educational focus includes educating ourselves, hosting and organizing public events, networking resource support and sharing success stories.

Principles of Collaboration

• Explore interests, not positions. Rather than presenting and defending positions, we are finding that more effective outcomes are being facilitated and supported through exploring our common interests.

• Seek to each understand others’ views better than our own. Conversations around the table, where people feel listened to and heard and respected, are building networks among an unusual combination of partners and participants.

• Create opportunities for mutual gain wherever possible. Sharing information with each other in collaborative conversation is creating new opportunities for working together.

Community Action / Stewardship of Creation

Interfaith Environmental Initiative of Alabama touches people’s passion for sustaining and enhancing the life of Earth. IEIA is results-oriented and is committed to sharing information that is actionable, providing scientifically substantiated, clear practical actions that can be “taken home” and implemented through our various businesses, organizations and networks (See Partners).

This initiative is looking for success stories with measurable feedback and results related to what is happening at the local level. Our network encourages individuals, businesses and organizations to incorporate principles of collaboration as we take action for energy and water conservation and efficiency in Alabama.